Purandar the pride of Maharashtra now a days is in lime light because of ambitious international airport project of Maharashtra state government. A small tehsil which is near to Pune and one of the Maharashtrian heritage known for Fort Purandar (Kille Purandar). This small tehsil is blessed with lush green landscape, natural beauty and fresh air. Purandar is one of the memorial place of Shivaji Maharaj who is one of the most loved king. An ambitious international air port project will be situated on 2000 Hector land. And fortunately according to Maharashtra State Government people of Purandar are positive regarding this project.

Purandar fort is well-known as a birth place of Sambhaji Maharaj who is son of Shivaji Maharaj. Whole Purandar tehsil is named Purandar on the name of Fort Purandar. Purandar tehsil is a birth place of many famous people who are part of the history like Mahatma Phule, Umaji Naik, Saganbhau, Sardar Godaji Jagtap, etc. The Bhuleshwar Temple a beautiful Master piece from Yadav era is in the Purandar.


Purandar has good road connectivity to various cities in state. Purandar has both private and public transport available for the commuters. To reach Purandar from other cities, one can prefer the national highways or the state highways. National Highway 4 (NH 4) connects to Mumbai, Kolhapur and Bangalore. NH 9 connects to Hyderabad . The state highways connect Pune to Satara , Kolhapur and during the journey you can enjoy beautiful landscape and feel the fresh air. There are many travel options available to reach Purandar from Pune.


Ambarnath 190, Ulhasnagar 192, Kalyan 192, Ahmednagar 160, Mumbai 192, Thana 197, Kolhapur 204, Aurangabad 273, Solapur 255


Purandar is a vibrant tehsil chosen by nature and has its own colours of tourist places. It is known for its temples and typical Maharashtrian food as well as the weekend getaways far from noise and polluted city. There are several forts and treks just inside territory of Purandar Tehsil for history and adventure lovers. Purandar fort palace is a popular destination as it is memorial place of Shivaji Maharaj and stands testimony to the glorious Maratha rule. And there are some other places one must visit Purandar port old church, Padmavati lake, Morarbaji Deshpande Statue, Delhi Darwaja, Kalyan Darwaja, Bini Darwaja, Kedareshwar Temple, purandareshwar temple, Vajra gad, Vajra Hanuman Temple, Vajra Mahadev Temple, Naradeshwar Temple, Karnjai Temple, Prati Balaji temple, Narayanpur.


1. Via Hadapsar and Wadki,
2. Via Kondhawa, Yewlewadi and Hiware


Devghar dam is origin place of Nira river. It flows through Satara, Pune, Solapur districts of Maharashtra. The dams built on Nira river are Devdhar dam and Veer dam in Satara and Pune district.

Agriculture is the most important occupation of people in villages. Farming done with the help of rainwater and canals on river and lake. Rice, Bajra, wheat, are crops taken. Fruits like jackfruit is produced.

Apart from agriculture there are some other occupations. There are small shops, private transports for people and goods and other service providers . At the places like Purandar fort and tourist places the small hotels and transportation is important.


Purandar has a semi hot climate and the weather in Purandar usually remains very pleasant with average temperatures ranging between 19 to 33 degree Celsius. Purandar experiences three seasons: summer, monsoon and winter.


Tehsil office of Purandar is situated in Saswad. There are 107 villages in Purandar Tehsil. Near about 50000 people are living in these villages. Nira is the river which is passing through Purandar Tehsil. In case of basic amenities because of National high ways and state high ways Purandar has pretty good connectivity with other cities. Bank of Baroda, SBI, BOI and HDFC bank branches are spread over Purandar Tehsil. And Purandar college of engineering is there in the radius of 20 kilo meters. Government is planning to implement lift Irrigation scheme for Purandar Tehsil. And some township project's are there in Purandar.

Central government owned organisation BSNL is in Saswad which renders telecommunication service to people of Purandar. There are three police stations in Purandar Tehsil which are situated in Bhor, Sasewadi and Jejuri. There are many small hotels in Saswad and Jejuri. Near about 20 hospitals are there in the Purandar Tehsil. Small but well maintained lodges are available in Saswad and Jejuri which facilitate good accommodation. There are many small garages in Purandar which render service to two wheelers and four wheelers.


The new proposed international airport is definitely beneficial for Purandar. Due to this proposed airport there will be huge scope of development of Purandar Tehsil. New sectors like hospitality, entertainment, malls can be engaged in Purandar. Even it will help Purandar to improve it’s infrastructure and Basic Amenities.

Standard of living of people will definitely rise because of proposed international airport. And it provide the boost to tourism sector of Purandar.


Proposed international airport of Purandar can reduce the pressure of Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Because of proposed airport of Purandar security issues of Pune Air force airport can be resolved because it can reduce civilian interference and interrupt from Air force airport. And even proposed international airport of Purandar can provide more convenience to nearby cities of Pune.


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